Man Exposed

Man Exposed is a contemporary and visual art site focusing on the male form and issues of male masculinity and sexuality. It is based on a photographic art project conducted in 2009 that explored the contrived nature of what it means to be a man within the western industrial cultural landscape. This site is meant for all men to learn from, explore, and enjoy regardless of how one defines himself. This means that whether you are straight or gay this site is for you. Further, the site can be seen as art in and of itself that is in a constant state of progress. In other words, Man Exposed, the website, is a virtual piece of contemporary art. Lastly, the site explores male sexual embodiment and issues of self determination in how one realizes and internalizes his sense of self within the broader context of male masculinity and the inherent conflicts that arise from cultural and societal constructs when one expresses authority and power of his own expression of self.